Adlai and Conscious Rhythm

(Building Trust and Empowering Learning)

The Relationship
Adlai and I met briefly during a Strategy Project that I was facilitating within Adlai’s organization. During the project, I developed a connection with Adlai’s Director who subsequently reached out to engage me to work one-on-one with Adlai in the Foundations Coaching Program.

Adlai’s Inspiration thru Rational, Emotional Connection
Adlai is a leader driven by individual and collective integrity. His ever-focusing interests fund the energy he needs to lead others to see how things come together and illuminate the best action for the collective good. In the light of his leadership others clearly know what to do and find empowerment, connection, and validation in the process.

Adlai’s Desire & Intent for those he impacts:
I want you to feel the power of what you can accomplish as you are empowered by your passion and purpose and live accountably in freedom and challenge.

Applied Methodology
My methodology was delivered in a manner that served Adlai’s 3 main objectives (what he wanted to get from the Coaching process):
1)    Bull’s Eye Communication (conciseness, structure, delivery)
2)    Lead change management while being consistently conscious of perceptions
3)    Find focus in today’s multi-tasking environment; challenge myself to true quality output

Adlai’s Story
As Adlai and I began our work together, his Director asked us to address existing perceptions that seemed to have been created by the presentations Adlai had delivered. Adlai’s job requires him to make presentations to customers and thought leaders on a regular basis. This is actually something that he enjoys very much; as his Purpose/Brand Statement is “I Inspire Others thru Rational & Emotional Connection”.

Knowing that Adlai’s Director wanted him to go beyond perceptions like ‘condescending’ and ‘professorial’, I asked Adlai a question one day during a session. I had reviewed his résumé. It is very impressive. Reflecting on the companies where Adlai had served in a marketing role, I then asked him why he was where he was now.

Adlai’s organization is in the business of providing innovative instruments specific to a medical field, and he had been in marketing for all these companies. Adlai told me that as he learned more about marketing, he also became more conscious of what he was indeed marketing−and how what he was marketing was not congruent with his values. So he would progress to the next organization and next thing to market. Then he said, “And now, I am saving lives!

Then I asked him who else knew this story. Adlai said that no one knew.

I suggested that he not change anything for his next presentation; prepare as always and plan to deliver as always. However, prior to beginning the actual presentation, tell his audience the story he had just told me.

A story like the one he told lets the listeners know who is standing there before them and why he is there. They will then hear everything quite differently … and perceptions will adjust accordingly.

Just before Adlai completed the coaching program, I had a conversation with his Director who told of how he could see a marked difference in Adlai’s presentation. He was much more present and engaging. This is so mostly because of a term that Adlai has coined from the work in coaching; “I find I am Consistently Conscious of my personal purpose/brand.

This has impacted not only what he has to present and say, it has had an impact on the way he delivers. Adlai is learning to be fluent with the language of who he is; and how this applies to what others need from him.

Adlai labeled his Values Cycle as his conscious rhythm. From this consciousness he has become very aware of his passion for making a connection for others. This is supported by a cycle of strengths when he is at his best. It begins with his drive to make an insightful connection. This leads to the coaching he provides for others so they can connect. This yields another strength; the one where he leads in applying from the connection

Thank you for reading this brief case story. Awareness of what is already there inside you is a powerful thing. The world needs you to become aware of your own Trueness. Like Adlai, dedicate the energy to become aware and then go and practice in a consistently conscious manner.