Anne and Inspirational Energy

(Freeing Individuals to see and believe in what is Possible)

The Relationship
While Jeff had been coaching in Anne’s organization for several years, he did not meet her thru that work. His friend Dan had met Anne in a project where he was involved as an outside consultant. Anne was impressed with him and thought he would be a good choice for some coaching as she was considering a significant transition.

She contacted Dan and asked him to consider being her coach. He told her that he really didn’t do that sort of one-on-one work, but that his good friend did. Dan brokered an introduction, Anne and Jeff talked, and she allowed him the privilege to be her Coach. Anne leveraged Jeff’s Foundations Coaching Program while focusing on the transition before her. 

Anne’s Focus with Energetic Inspiration
Anne cares about the individual and cares that people rally behind a clear and compelling vision and find purpose in their work. Through her own confident presence she inspires others in what they need in order to do great work. She takes accountability for success; and for Anne success of the team comes through caring and nurturing individuals through work where they are passionate and successful.

Jeff and Anne agreed to direct the Coaching relationship on the following 3 outcomes:
I want to spend some time with the way I see myself as a leader. To have a true articulation of who I am as a leader.
~ In this new role, I want to develop my team. It is also about creating a high performing work environment for my team; an environment where people can be the best they can be and grow.
~ How can I most effectively do my job; and not be distracted by certain change or events that are unsettling? How can I be a positive force within the needed change?

Applied Methodology
Anne operates from a Voice of Respect (trust, openness, and engagement). The Coaching Methodology was directed by Anne’s 3 desired outcomes. With Coaching Clients, Jeff calls the Client’s ‘3’ the “Mutual Accountability”. While Anne was being guided through a proven process/methodology, it was imperative that the process served what she most needed from the work.

Working in the methodology, Anne’s flow of strengths (when she is at her best as a leader) was brought back to conscious competence:

 Strategic Purpose to Purposeful Nurture to Achievement

Anne’s Story of Focused Energy
Anne is a socially minded individual and brings this energy into each interaction. Therefore, whether she knows it in the moment of each interaction or not, she is known as a very present person. Her impact as a leader is built one interaction at a time. As Jeff’s friend Dan once said to him, “It’s the experience you dummy!” And this is absolutely so with Anne’s presence. It is simply an experience to be in her presence. This is so simply because she brings herself into each moment and interaction. She cares!

Let Anne’s Desire & Intent to those she leads speak:
I want you to experience the trust of camaraderie as you operate with pride in your work and with your team; and find happiness and enjoyment in doing what you do. 

Seven months into Anne’s transition, she told Jeff a story. Her manager had been called to Human Resources. It seems they wanted to know why everyone seemed to be inquiring into what his leadership team had been doing. They were being noticed for their accomplishments, collaboration, etc. As Anne shared this story with Jeff, he pointed out several stories where Anne had been the key player in this team receiving such recognition.

As Jeff’s friend Dan had encouraged him, Jeff encouraged Anne to “hear” what was being said about her influence and impact. Anne’s impact is a direct result of how she has focused her inspirational energy. The objective she created in the Coaching work speaks to this focus:

Keep People Energized in the Clear Vision that Brought Us Together
Continue to build pride with each individual in the work they do.
Continue to lead with complete honesty with each person to ensure fulfilling contribution.
Ensure my conscious interactions continue to build the camaraderie required to make us each successful by being successful together.

Thank you for reading this case story. This is yet another story about a leader with whom I’ve the privilege to work. I hope you, like Anne, will honor your own unique Desire & Intent and your flow of Passion to Purpose to Presence.