Joe and Transition

(Values Consciousness)

The Relationship
Joe and Jeff met when Jeff was contracted to Coach a key member of Joe’s team. The leader Jeff initially coached had come into Joe’s organization from another organization where Jeff was regularly utilized as a Coach. Based on feedback from this initial coaching engagement, Joe also participated in Jeff’s Foundations Coaching Program. He subsequently worked with Jeff again in an Advanced Coaching arrangement while simultaneously enrolling other members of his leadership team in Jeff’s Program.

Leadership Issue and Joe’s Focus
Joe had been a part of his organization for many years and had become a seasoned manager and leader at the Senior Director level.

As part of the preparation for the initial Coaching engagement, Joe outlined the following three things he wanted to be certain that Jeff’s Methodology helped him accomplish:

  1. I have not taken a lot of management classes, and I like the one-on-one focus toward making me better.
  2. I’m at a point in my career where I’m confused and I would like to gain some direction for now and the future.
  3. I would like to be more conscious of my own foundation as I deal with situations that are ambiguous−focusing on the things I can change and influence in a confident manner.

Applied Methodology
Jeff’s Coaching Methodology−a values-based approach−has 2 major components:
1) Becoming conscious of the Flow that is the authentic self
2) Strengthening the Flow for Authentic Impact

Jeff supported Joe as he navigated personal accountability to become more aware of his authentic self; and then consciously begin to enrich others in their own work.

Joe’s uniqueness was the code to his confidence; a confident application in the light of his Trueness−who he truly is … and communicating clearly from that voice.

Joe’s Story of Application
“Hello Joe, what do you do?” Joe’s response …
“I Build the Foundation for Collaboration & Success.”

This is Joe’s Purpose/Brand. It connects with the individual when he demonstrates how he builds this foundation: He creates an environment of care and value by pushing others to go further than they thought possible.

Early in the coaching relationship, the first attempt at a personal purpose/brand produced an accurate, but not very meaningful, answer to ‘What do you do?’ The best answer Jeff could get Joe focused on was, “I keep the lights on.”

Others depend on Joe at this basic level, but they Trust him for so much more. Joe has leveraged his own personal brand, combined it with the skill of Collective Facilitation, and become focused. In light of the wisdom of his Brand, here are Joe’s 7 Steps for being presently strategic about the future:

  1. Consider the strategic timing of needed dialogue
  2. Consider direction for the issue in the light of the team and associated process
  3. Put time and attention into how you lead others in preparing a plan for dialogue
  4. Invite  the right people into the focused discussions as you collectively build the plan
  5. Lead the team to focus on solving the issue at hand
  6. Assign follow-up actions to responsible parties
  7. Learn together from tracking and reporting activities; and make change as needed

My hope is that others, like Joe, will believe in their ability to collectively facilitate the future, the collective story, in our work today.

Joe is extremely valuable in the industry because of his vast experience, depth/breadth of knowledge, and the ability to thin-slice this experience and knowledge for credible application.

While the story itself speaks of the results lived in Joe’s leadership, there’s a bit more to the story at this point. After those many years in his organization, there was a significant global restructure resulting in the elimination of his role. Joe reached out to Jeff once again and they talked of this unanticipated transition.

Joe masterfully traversed this transition so late in his career−in a manner that is truly admirable. He found two opportunities from which to choose in what could be record time; considering both economic conditions and where he was in his career.

Using his Values Cycle™ created in his work with Jeff, Joe handed this to each potential employer and said, “This is who I am.”