Garrett and a Serving Spirit

(Networking for Value)

The Relationship
Garrett and Jeff met when one of Garrett’s colleagues told him about her experience as a participant in Jeff’s Foundations Coaching Program. Garrett decided to participate in this program and also subsequently participated in an Advanced Coaching arrangement.

Garrett and Jeff also worked together in his division for two years as they co-led a focus on leadership development with the entire leadership team.

Garrett’s Desired Leadership Impact
During the work with the leadership team, Jeff asked Garrett what he desired and intended for those he leads, influences, and serves. His answer was:

1)    That they recognize their own potential
2)    That they know, and leverage, their individual values (a holistic view)
3)    That they understand I’m a supportive vehicle to get them where they want to go

Applied Methodology
For Garrett, Jeff’s Coaching Methodology spanned both the Foundations work and the Advanced work to help him accomplish two main objectives:

1) Become more presently conscious of the Flow that is his authentic self
2) Strengthen this Flow for Authentic Impact

From the Foundations work that Garrett and Jeff did together, Garrett came away with a one key development goal and one key behavioral support goal:
Development Goal
Confidently Communicate with Passion, Knowledge, Commitment−In Order to Create Individual Confidence & Team Synergy
Behavior Support Goal
Develop the Platform for my Exposure as a Leader:
~ Create Partners for my own Advancement
~ Create Partners for the Advancement of others

As Garrett began his advanced work with Jeff, they talked about shopping his value in the market. Jeff encouraged Garrett to first understand value in the language of those who had been served directly by that value.

Servant leadership is only achieved by a serving spirit. Garrett is a serving spirit. His personal purpose/brand is in how he provides caring, coaching, and confidence in each interaction. At the base of this brand is his Voice: Caring.

Garrett’s Story of Application
At the beginning of the work in the Advanced Coaching arrangement, Garrett’s focus was, “Be consistently aware of what I desire to do.” It was this focus that got it all started; the energetic interaction in which Garrett engaged with key nodes in his network.

To fund this engagement, Jeff helped Garrett express a guiding rhythm in the following three statements representative of what he still desired to accomplish as a leader:

  1. Tied to the fact that I now lead leaders, I want to consistently be seen as a credible peer at the level at which I am accountable to perform
  2. I want to live as a Servant Leader
  3. I want to explore and discover opportunities

Garrett then began to engage with key nodes in his network. These nodes were defined as individuals at peer and upper levels of leadership whom he had served with project leadership and in his varying roles as a liaison, etc. His decision was to first shop his value within the organization.

After doing this for some time, he said to Jeff, My Networking has gone to a new level.

Garrett took the challenge and networked for value with those key nodes. He entered these conversations in a manner that would support his living desire for himself and others:

  1. Increase confidence in what I bring to the table as a leader
  2. Consistently act on  my mission of helping others get to a place they could not get to on their own
  3. Prepare for career events and opportunities as they are presented to me

After these conversations, the stories he shared from these networking for value appointments illustrated the following: The power of purpose (brand); The power of commitment; The power of presence. He increased his confidence in what he does as a leader. He reinforced his commitment as a servant. Garrett now flows through each moment more aware of the opportunities offered to him.

Thank you for reading this brief case story. On behalf of all who are receivers of Garrett’s brand of leadership, I say, “Thank you Garrett for confidently being you.”