John and Strategic Connection

(Building Sustainability thru Collaboration)

The Relationship
John’s organization asked Jeff to be their 360 Feedback Coach leveraging the 360 Degree Assessment Suite from the Center for Creative Leadership. At the end of John’s Feedback Coaching Session, he decided to participate in Jeff’s Foundations Coaching Program. Toward the end of this work together, John was promoted into another part of his organization. Within a year he was promoted again and was now leading those once his leadership peers. With this announcement, he reached out and engaged with Jeff again for one-on-one coaching to assist in this important transition. He also asked Jeff to engage with his leadership team with Jeff’s methodology of Strategic Story (Driving Cultural Change).

John’s Transition Focus
In John’s first transition session, Jeff was able to capture the following 3-point objective for John’s re-boarding into this broader leadership role:

Create & Maintain a Conscious Presence as Leader, and …
1)    Connect effectively with all key stakeholders.
2)    Build a new dynamic for my Leadership Team: in service to individual capacity, potential, and organizational effectiveness.
3)    Hold to a new level of interaction that properly balances my attention to strategy and operations.

John believes in the power of collaboration and is deeply committed to seeing it grow in one on one interaction and across functional lines.

Applied Methodology
Jeff and John agreed on a structured approach for re-boarding that ‘honored the transition’ through focused coaching dialogue. This dialogue used John’s overall objective as the guide while leveraging varying topical conversations which were intended to ‘build’ re-boarding success as he applied his Connection Methodology.

John’s Connection Methodology:
“Interest creates Energy”
1)    Connect with a broad group and bring functional pieces together.
2)    Connect with people in non-subject related interactions (just asking how they are doing).
3)    Developing the connections with my Leadership Team−learning together (creating the atmosphere for sharing cross-functionally versus downloading functionally).

John’s voice as a leader is Engagement−where he believes all must be on the same level of contribution; as interest provides the energy to execute.

John’s Story of Application
I contemplate the fictitious nature of our work world. −John

When it comes to the individual in the work world, what one perceives is expected often seems to run counter to what resides deep inside. The journey is energized when one travels conscious of internal desire and leads openly with external intent. John unashamedly loves his work. He desires to give through his work with a confidence found in his own uniqueness. He wants the same for others. It is okay to love your work!

John’s articulation of his Story
The desire for engagement is part of why I come to work. I want live in that powerful intersection and collision of Desire & Intent … where I have my Impact and my voice lives in a powerful way for others, and therefore me!

Leading in this New Confidence, leaders like John are guiding us from surviving in the fictitious nature of the work world to contributing in work we love. It takes the working love of a confident leader to build the confidence of others.

John has drawn individuals toward a collaborative center by simply showing up. As the one in-charge he is anything but elusive. He is committed to his connection methodology of simply stopping by to talk with individuals throughout the organization. He shows up at events where he listens to thought leaders and customers.

John’s presence, confident and open, is a source for focus; a drawing of individual energy to a collaborative center. Such generosity is a delight to those being led and keeps one energized for the work of the moment and for the next challenge. John seeks out information important to collective, focused direction; and then models and expects solid execution.