Rob and Leadership Courage

(Values Balance)

The Relationship
Rob and Jeff worked in the same division during Jeff’s last tour in the corporate arena. After Jeff founded his Coaching practice, Rob became a client and a longtime supporter of Jeff’s work in the Foundations Coaching Program. In his organization, Rob became known as the door to Leadership Coaching and over the years sent many individuals to Jeff. Because of this important business relationship, and the respect Jeff has for Rob, they have stayed in regular contact. They are very familiar with each other’s stories.

Leadership Issue and Rob’s Challenge
Rob is a person of faith who operates from a foundational value system. Others connect with his leadership because he pays them value by enrolling them in his vision while equipping them for their part. He is committed to others and what they can achieve when they face challenges and use the gift of commonsense. You want him on your team.

What Rob desires and intends for those he leads says volumes:

  1. That they reach their potential
  2. That they are living their passion
  3. That they are happy … enjoy what they do

Applied Methodology
Jeff’s Coaching Methodology−a values-based approach−has 2 major components:
1) Becoming conscious of the Flow that is the authentic self
2) Strengthening the Flow for Authentic Impact

Rob enlisted Jeff’s Coaching far beyond the first program. At one particular point, while Rob was struggling in a new role, Jeff discovered the main issue. While Rob was very attentive to overall balance between life and work, he had missed something internally. He was out-of-balance in his core Value system. His energy was being spent entirely on those things he valued as outcomes; and trying to convince his boss, and others, that he was getting there in an authentic manner. He was not.

Rob’s Story of Application
Rob’s purpose and brand statement is as follows:
I Share My Knowledge, Experience, & Network to Help Others Succeed

I asked him why this was important to him and here was his answer:
It makes me the happiest. I feel for the underdog – I feel good when they succeed. I love the process of love, care, and encouragement. It thrills me to watch the underdogs push themselves to do what it takes to succeed.

Very practically, Rob leverages his deep network as he focuses on assisting individuals with their professional goals.

As is so often the case, our core Values (when not limited) shine out into how others experience our leadership.

And therein was a stumbling block for Rob during his rough transition into that new role. As Rob and Jeff talked that day, Rob began to see how he was not in balance with his Values. Fear had slipped into the definition of a few of his Values; thus throwing the whole system into a tailspin.

Because of this loss of equilibrium, Rob then did something that only a few, courageous individuals would do, he stepped back so he could recover/refocus, which allowed him to take 10 steps forward in his Leadership journey. As he said much later; “Turns out it’s not about the position, but more about the true role of a leader!”

Over time, based on his subsequent behavior, Rob earned great respect for this move. He always behaved in a manner that was deserving of respect, but post this experience he became evermore focused on who he truly was as a leader.

Sometime later, when asked about the difference of where he was after this decision, he said; Back then, I changed when I shouldn’t have. Today, when I’m in that position, I stand up and say, “That’s just not me.” I wouldn’t hang there … today I say, “Here is what I’m good at and here’s how I can get it done.” My confidence is – just tell me what it is and we can get there. I may not be able to tell you right now when we will get there, but I will determine how we will do it and give progress reports along the way. I can’t explain how I got my confidence – all I know is that I’ve learned so much. I no longer have that anxiety of talking to a superior, etc. 

Thank you for reading this brief case story.

Like Rob, you have all it takes to live your Desire & Intent and have the Impact meant for you as a leader. It is all right there inside you … Your Authentic Self.