Vicki and Authentic Application

(Enabling Excellence in Thinking)

The Relationship
Jeff performed a 360 Degree Feedback Coaching Session for Vicki. Shortly after this Vicki decided to participate in Jeff’s Foundations Coaching Program. After this work together, Vicki’s General Manager engaged with Jeff to facilitate strategic planning leveraging Jeff’s methodology of Strategic Story (Driving Cultural Change). Vicki was part of the Strategy Team assembled to work with Jeff in planning and executing on this work.

Vicki’s Excellence Focus
Vicki is a leader who cares. Wanting the best for others, she expects the best from them. She does her part to create a level of thinking that supports good decisions leading to the excellence to which all have committed. She listens diligently in order to find the probing questions required to bring everyone together in strategic implementation.

Jeff and Vicki agreed to direct the Coaching relationship on the following 3 outcomes:

  • A succession plan. I have talented individuals I need to be certain are ready; to better identify some behavioral things in order to coach them effectively.
  • Identifying the next phase. Spending time to further understand who I am and how I do what I do will help me with this identification.
  • Take opportunity to be conscious of helping my team better understand me and what I desire for them.

Applied Methodology
Vicki operates from a Voice of Respect and Commitment. The Coaching Methodology was directed by the guidance of Vicki’s 3 desired outcomes. The Methodology is about bringing to consciousness individual values and strengths. These values and strengths are already being applied; in an unconscious competence. However, in order to meet Vicki’s objectives, it was valuable to bring these values and strengths back to consciousness for a time.

As we navigated the Methodology, Vicki became reacquainted with a flow of strengths that had served her well to this point in her career:

Strategic Learning to Strategic Equipping to Strategic Opportunity

Vicki’s Story of Application and Purpose
Vicki is mastering the art and power of focus. As she has become more presently conscious of the values and strengths already flowing in who she is as a leader, she is creating opportunity to practice. And from this practice she lives out stories of impact.

Vicki has always had purpose. She has simply become more conscious of such power. Vicki’s outward confidence is an indication that she has simply reconnected with an inward source−her own authenticity. Like Vicki, our trueness is expressed through the Impact of who we are−a collision of desire and intent for those we lead, influence, and serve.

Vicki’s Desire & Intent was a trustworthy guide for her strategy; a strategy arranged by the flow of her strengths:

Strategic Learning:
What we do and learn flows down; release innovative thinking that blends with both good thinking & fiscal accountability.

Strategic Equipping:
Influence the evolving team atmosphere; use tools & support available to facilitate this evolution and fully tap into the diversity that makes us great.

Strategic Opportunity:
Create opportunity that supports each person’s ability to add value and bring more value to the organization.

In summary, Vicki’s Impact is in how she supports others in becoming stronger contributors. She lives in this new confidence holding the creative tension formed by the intersection of her Desire for creative diversity and her Intent that others be confidently fulfilled.

Vicki’s Voice of Respect and Commitment was greatly applied in the Strategy Work that was done over the 5 month project. Mostly, this Voice is being applied as Vicki continues to challenge herself. She assumed a leading role in a major launch as a result of both the strategic work and her renewed level of authentic consciousness.

Thank you for reading this brief case story. This is just one more story about one more leader with whom I’ve the privilege to work. I hope you, like Vicki, will take the time for self and bring back to applied consciousness the best of who you are. The world sure needs you to do such.