Conversation with Mayra Porrata

I met Mayra Porrata in the last few years of our corporate life. It was wonderful when she reached out to reconnect. That was a few years ago and what has grown from the reconnection is such blessing to me!

A contemplative leader is present. You are aware of not only what is happening in the environment, with the people involved, but also very aware of what is happening with you. We are very complex beings.” –Mayra Porrata

I know you will enjoy hearing from Mayra. She is such an encourager; just what we do in this Work of Trueness!

One thought on “Conversation with Mayra Porrata

  1. Loved the conversation with Mayra, so human, and touching. I so appreciated the stories of thrashing, and the importance of using those uncomfortable moments in our lives to grow and ultimately be better equipped to help others. Thank you, Mayra (and Jeff and Ric)

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