Story Building

Building Confidence with the Power of Story (The Story of Our Business)
Leveraging the Power of Story & Storytelling in the Strategic Process

Interest creates energy. In this 21st Century, strategic behavior is more important than ever throughout the organization. It is time for each individual to experience the energy created by a common story of interest, and to collectively align energy in a strategic balance in order to tell the story.

The Phases of Strategy Work

Communication & Pre-work
As leaders we must consciously engage in strategic thinking on a regular basis in order to tell our future story …  Now. We do not always recognize how much strategic ability surrounds us in our organization; in the present moment. This time of preparation is about gathering from others the ‘thinking’ that is already out there among those we lead, influence, and serve.

Discover the Story
We come together and trust a challenging process that unfolds the Story we desire to tell: a story that encompasses (and honors) the past, present, and future.
We lead with Clarity.

Design the Story
We create a strategic balance to ensure the telling of our story; a framework to guide us in the art of focus as we challenge all observation and measurement.
We lead thru Engagement.

Deliver on the Story
We commit to collaborative behaviors and actions in support of the overall success of the story; every how is driven by the why and dedicated to the what.
We build on Connection.

Story Integration into the Organization
The resulting work of these Sessions (phases) will honor “Interest Creates Energy” as we work together to establish a deeper “connection” of all work, and those doing the work, to the larger purpose and focus of the Strategic Story.

Why, What, and How?

Why do strategy work now?
As opposed to only focusing on a Vision (that is too often relegated to a frame on the wall) our strategy work will honor our full Story; Past, Present; and a Future we know we can act on Today.
What will this Strategy Work look like?
Our work together will be a collaborative effort leveraging our individual strengths as we create a powerful space for the dialogue to Discover, Design, and Deliver on our Story.
What will we do to prepare?
We will consider some basic aspects of who we are individually while openly gathering important perception data for the process.

How will we develop the strategy (reframed as a Story)?
The Strategic Story process, while complex, is simply Discover, Design, Deliver:
~ Discover the story of who we are
~ Design the tactical framework for living the story
~ Deliver within the story framework as we collaborate in the story’s energy
How will we move forward?
The 3 steps of Discover, Design, and Deliver themselves will answer this question.

Background for the Story Approach
Case Study – The Story of Our Business

Working with Jeff at our Strategic Story Retreat was a very enlightening and empowering experience. Discussing what we want our organization’s story to be sparked creativity and debate among our senior staff. That debate brought clarity to our mission and vision for the future. Jeff is an outstanding facilitator with a great knack for fostering discussion while focusing on topics of greatest importance. Each of us left the retreat feeling energized and truly excited about our opportunity to provide a positive and lasting influence on our company, employees, and community.
−Eric, Technology Resource Officer  (31st largest utility in the U.S.)