Story Building for Work

In this 21st Century, our world of work, there is not only the constant of change, you are consistently faced with projects, initiatives, situations, where you must gain buy-in and engage others in a common objective.

Overall Objective for the Learner: To understand that Story is a powerful method for creating engagement, personal connection, and buy-in; and build confidence as a Storyteller, discovering his/her own, unique Story Methodology.

The Rhythm of Story and Storytelling are taught:
~ The Rhythm of Story                   (Clarity to Engagement to Connection)
~ The Rhythm of the Storyteller   (The Desire & Intent of the Leader)

Why Story and Storytelling?

Interest creates energy.” –Kathryn Tucker Windham, Storyteller, Selma, AL

Strategic behavior is essential throughout the organization. In the constant of change, it is more important than ever that individuals become energized by a common story of interest−collectively align in order to tell the story of who we are together.

Too often, in an effort to create buy-in for a particular strategy and/or direction, we hit the logical and objective part of the work and miss the expressive and subjective component that leads people to collaborate.

The Story Building for Work course is an interactive learning experience designed to help leaders leverage the power of story and storytelling as they create buy-in; directing individual interest toward the energy required for success.

Listen to this Podcast as Jeff & Ric talk about Story Building for Work