Leadership Coaching

Why I Coach
I Build Confident Leaders through my values-based approach−through a message that honors who you are.

There is level of validation and respect that is missing in the lives of  many leaders today; at least in how they feel about themselves. The result of this values-based process is confidence−in who they are and in the acceptance that they can do something about where they are.

I focus on leaders because I have special passion for those who give of themselves to care for others through a personal accountability of leadership, management, coaching, mentoring, etc. Leaders deserve special attention. They need special, specific support. They deserve attention for who they are.

“Thank you for all of the time and effort you put in to my development.  There are a few moments that we can all look back on that we see as defining moments in our careers.  This was one of those moments for me.  Thank you!” –David, Oklahoma – 2015

Coaching Programs:

Brunson Foundations for Awareness
(Encouraging Confidence in the Individual Leader)

Coaching for Authentic Application/Practice
(Coaching Support for Individual Effectiveness)

Living the Transition
(Building on Confident Awareness of the Individual Leader)

Living a Story of Impact
(Application of 21st Century Skills)

Who Qualifies as a Coaching Client?
 Jeff works with individuals who:

  • Are in a Leadership position … where one or more of the following apply:
    • Has direct report accountability
    • Has project management accountability
    • Has responsibilities to influence across organizational/community lines
  • Sees personal/professional growth as a priority−dedicates time for own growth and development activities
  • Values 21st Century collaboration and is open to a collective approach to learning
  • Is open to improving communication/interpersonal interactions to build personal and organizational credibility
  • Can accept me as someone who is dedicated to their authenticity and is a trusted resource (skills & tools)

“I may have written something to you like this before, but I am being led to do it again. Many people can go a lifetime without ever making a major impact in another person’s life.  You should feel proud and accomplished for having so many stories to share on how you impacted so many people’s lives.  Since I am not authorized to speak for everyone I can only speak for myself here.  The time you spent/invested with me during one of the low’s in my professional career helped slingshot me to great accomplishments.  Understanding who I am, what strengths I bring and how to use those strengths to drive an organization have proven to be priceless.  And these lessons learned did not stop at work, but transformed my life. 

So who should be thanking who?  Jeff, partnering with you has been one of the greatest highlights in my life.  You helped me bring organization to a mind that was full of unstructured thoughts and ideas.  You helped me see myself from a different angle.  You brought me out from behind the rock in the stream where I was stuck for years.  Today I stand here with pride in my accomplishments.  I’m amazed at the things I have done that would have fallen so far outside my comfort zone.  

Thank you, thank you, thank you…” –Robert, Illinois – 2016