360-degree Feedback Coaching

Feedback Coaching Sessions

I am a certified Feedback Coach for the 360-degree Assessment Suite by the Center for Creative Leadership.

To read about the purpose of these assessments, and the different types, follow this link to CCL.

Overall Objective: A time for you to carefully review the data from your 360-degree assessment in a manner that is organized and focused. The outcome of the feedback sessions is to leave you with an understanding of the feedback offered you in the process and to assist you in capturing your follow-up practice in light of one guiding Goal of Impact.

The Process

Session One – Day 1 (one hour by phone)
Objective: Allow connection between the 360-degree participant and the feedback coach: a time for safety and connection in support of a structured flow & open dialogue around the assessment data in session two.

Day One includes: A conversation about the impact of behavior; results are measured, behaviors are observed – making both tangible to those we lead, influence, and serve.

“Most employees want to do a good job; however, many are unaware of the impact that their behavior has on their effectiveness on the job.” Chappelow, Fleenor, Taylor in Leveraging the Impact of 360-Degree Feedback

“Any member of the organization can change the system by changing their own behavior.” −Jeffrey A. Miller in The Anxious Organization

The data represented in the results of your assessment are for your development.

“Receiving feedback is an important motivational factor that can lead to increased satisfaction. Feedback is important because it can enhance self-awareness by highlighting strengths and can facilitate growth by pointing out areas in need of development.” –Chappelow, Fleenor, Taylor in Leveraging the Impact of 360-Degree Feedback

You, the participant, own this data – only you and I are seeing this data. At the end of session two, I will delete my PDF of your 360-degree assessment and shred any printed copy I may have made in my preparation.

Session Two – Day 2 (2 hours by phone, face-to-face, or video/Skype)
Objective: Leverage the CCL feedback process (and the robust data of Benchmarks® or Executive Dimensions®) to create a meaningful experience with assessment data: adding value to continued growth and development for you the participant.

Day Two Outline:
Understanding the report structure
CCL data validity and setting up the dialogue
The Overview data
The Comprehensive data
Narrowing your focus  (creating support for a Goal of Impact)
Next Steps:
Leveraging your Development Planning Guide
Thanking your Raters (thank everyone, regardless if they actually took the assessment)