Coaching – a Brief Case Study

One-on-One Coaching for the Leader

As we entered the 21st Century, I became more concerned about what leaders like you needed for successful influence and personal fulfillment. As we move deeper into this challenging 21st Century, I’m more convinced than ever that the core of my work is in helping individual leaders remember who they are. It is about confidence found in your authenticity.

The comments in this brief case study of one-on-one coaching for the leader came from interviews of those who completed the Foundations for Awareness Program.

Results (Individual Confidence)
In client language, these are the common answers when asked about individual success attributed to the one-on-one coaching experience:

  • I am more confident and have a focused approach as a leader.
  • I understand areas where I need to work, focused on my strengths.
  • I have focus about what I am doing and trying to accomplish; with a clear road map of how to get where I want to go.
  • I am thinking more outside of the box – what are the possibilities? I am more open-minded.
  • I now have the right expectations for myself; helped me transition to a new experience (role).
  • I have a better understanding of leadership–not just technical aspects of my job.
  • Values and purpose were brought to a conscious level; helping me set direction, and doing so in a confident manner.

Results (Organizational Impact)
Clients were asked how their organization was strengthened as a result of their coaching experience:

  • What are the ideas of my employees? Listening and letting them run with it. This fits into the organization’s strategy.
  • Helped us be a team not just of processes, but of purpose. Better listening, coaching and a better feedback process.
  • I’m seen as a collaborative leader–a leader who gives the straight story–as a leader who values other’s contributions.
  • It helped me recognize and pass on better information to those I am mentoring.
  • Focusing more on what are we trying to communicate in terms of our values (awareness)–my employees feel more connected, valued, and enjoy their work.
  • I have been clear about what the expectations are up front and being relentless about follow-up.
  • My ability to see, look for, leverage, and support the various development opportunities of my employees.
  • I stay clear on what needs to be executed; being much more strategic.
  • We are all crazy busy–but I will take my time for me; I am asking others to make this commitment to take care of self; this helps our perception as a business unit.
  • The team is working very cohesively–we trust each other a lot more, because I am trying to be as open and honest as possible.
  • Provided a foundation for leaders in finding a focus and direction.
  • It is not only external learning but also internal learning in the team. Who is accountable? Who wants to learn? We are training and learning for depth and contingency.
  • I can help the individual that is highly technical understand how important to the overall picture what they do is–put that sparkle in their brain.
  • What we value and what we do have been brought closer together; less disconnect between what we feel and what we do.

The Coach’s Process
Clients were asked how the coach’s methodology supported growth both individually and organizationally:

  • I recognize the need to keep myself refreshed–read and study–I am a hands-on person, and this has been a big paradigm shift for me.
  • You modeled some behaviors in listening that I have tried to copy.
  • It is the clarification, that reflective listening, that made sure you understood what I was saying; you are easy to talk to and not intimidating to talk to.
  • You were able to listen to me describe situations, opportunities, challenges and play that back to me in values and help me understand what is important to me.
  • You brought out books, examples of others, and your knowledge and expertise to help me.
  • You took your experience and applied it to our conversations; you could relate to me.
  • Your greatest strength is helping people look at their situation in more strategic ways. 

There is a level of validation and respect that is missing in the lives of many leaders today; at least in how they feel about themselves. The result of this values-based process is confidence−in who you are and in the acceptance that you can do something about where you are.

Thank you for reading this brief case study. There were many more answers from the client participants in my interviews. However, these were the most common and consistent in both the interviews and my continual experience in doing this work. 

Jeff Brunson

To my coach, mentor and friend Jeff,

Please do not underestimate the longer term impact of your role in our lives. It has been over 7 years since I was blessed to be part of your values based brand development coaching.  I find myself coming back to this original document at least once a year to help in times of need. Sometimes the need stems from confusion or frustration, but it always comes down to being in a situation where I have strayed from my true self and personal leadership values.  I find that different business cultures and team cultures tend to seep into our everyday thought process and we don’t even notice that our internal compass has veered off course.

Your Brand statement is true to who you are but falls short in helping others or new clients understand that you transform people with leadership skills or desires into amazing leaders with self-sustaining understanding of their own values.

Self-confidence is a personal journey that ebbs and flows over time,  but during times of self-doubt, I still know that I have my values to reflect on and help me find myself again.

Jeff, I have never needed additional traditional coaching since working with you. I have always known that you were available to me in times of need and often I just need to reflect on our work together to find my answers.  The investment in your program will last my lifetime and I would not be as successful in my career and personal relationships if I had not had this experience.

As you work with your business development coach, be sure to highlight the longevity and effects of your coaching go well beyond the contracted length of service.

With deepest respect and gratitude,  Amy