Living the Transition (Coaching in the Transition)

Building on Confident Awareness of the Individual Leader

 A customized approach to enhance your unique Transition

Your Story?
There was a time when you entered the world of work excited, open, and prepared for adventure.

Every day, you gave your best, learned, applied what you learned, and trusted it all to the system. In many ways this paid off. In many ways it did not. But overall it seems to have balanced out.

One day you find yourself faced with a level of challenge that has, to put it plainly, placed you in that realm of insecurity bringing back the feelings when you were a rank amateur.

Because of that, you wonder what is wrong; “What have I done? Have I wasted these years and all this effort? Where am I? Who am I?”

Because of this, you wonder after all this time, how you could possibly be feeling like this? Instinctively you know that you need some assistance; someone who can listen beyond the ‘feelings’ and help you find the clarity you so desire for both this time in your life and for the true possibility of what is next.

Until finally you reach out, connect with the right assistance, grab what is real−the connection to who you really are−and discover your Impact in this world … the Real Self that has been growing the entire time.

What might it look like to be in a Transition?

  • You’ve received a promotion−presenting challenge and excitement, all mixed with a bit of overwhelm and/or fear.
  • You’ve received specific feedback you know intuitively is ‘right on the mark’ in its challenge of you; but that leaves you uncertain about what it means you ought to do next.
  • A work you began because it leveraged and fed your passion has gone cold in purpose for you; you’re not certain what this means or what you ought to do next.

What might be outcomes of Honoring a Transition?

  • Expectations align with our authentic leadership in the transition.
  • You more consciously allow values and purpose to drive direction, choices, and decisions.
  • You slow down into true listening to hear what is being missed in the periphery.
  • You lead others more effectively with the combination of Clarity, Engagement, and Connection – The Narrative Process.
  • You connect strategic thinking/consideration with daily action for self and others.
  • You leverage each transition as the realistic opportunity it is to further build trust, enhance collaboration, and gather around a common story and purpose.
  • Through the connection of common story and individual purpose, you model for others the power in bringing together what one values with what one does in their work.

What is a Transition?
It may be, that in the 21st Century, transition is a norm. Technically, it is a natural part of living: Transition is the space and time between an ending of something known and the beginning of something new and less known. It is in this space where creative tension is held; and you become more conscious of what is actually before you in the present.

What is Transition Coaching?
Coaching in the transition is less about “getting through” any specific transition and more about learning the art of conscious management for each transition (no matter how small or large). The Coaching relationship is about a partnership in learning to honor the power of the space between an ending and a beginning.

Transition is a chance to transform versus transmit.

Why Partner with a Coach for Transition Navigation?
Your individual space of creative tension is your unique point of Impact. In this intersection of leadership desire and leadership intent we experience the power of your authenticity−as you are present and focused; with what needs to be done now.

Simply put, your coach listens through the noise into the core of your authentic best.

“Our moment-to-moment experience is improvisational, even though it exists within a structure or plan.” −Patricia Ryan Madson, Improv Wisdom

This partnership supports navigation and sustainability as the Coach helps you:
Pay Attention−you find your presence (put definition to transition).
Constantly Adjust−you establish and articulate objectives for the particular transition.
Keep Acting−you bring a desired future into the reality of the present.