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Jeff Brunson
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“Jeff is a caring and authentic person who is an expert at helping his clients find their story.
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Facilitative leader operating in a voice of encouragement−empowering the unique strengths of individuals:
Skilled in leading across the span of generations in the workplace and community;
Experienced in leading change across boundaries and levels of reporting;
Skilled at leveraging multilayered knowledge of personality preferences to engage and connect others to individual work and organizational strategy.

Professional Experience

BasicApproach (Owner)
Cuyahoga Falls, OH
January 9,2002 – Current
Focus:  Building Confident Leaders through one-on-one leadership coaching and facilitation programs.

Key Achievements and Areas of Focus:

  • Assist leaders in navigating the 21st Century work environment (multi-generational connection/focusing leadership energy/employee development methods). Leadership Coaching
  • Designed and utilize a unique process and model for identifying, defining, and displaying values for the individual (Values-based Leadership Coaching Model). Foundations Program
  • Coordinated the International Storytelling Center’s role in training NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, CA. Worked with JPL’s liaison and content developer to deliver training to scientists, engineers, and public relations staff to further the message of JPL leveraging the power of story. The Story Approach
  • Developed an approach to Strategic Planning using story concepts in order to enhance strategy implementation; completing the energetic flow of  “why to what to how.” Strategic Story
  • Speak to teams/groups illustrating how to focus leadership and personal effectiveness through individual purpose.
  • Avid dedication to the writing process; maintain 2 blogs focused on leadership and personal transformation.

Significant Clients: Allstate Insurance Company, DENTSPLY-Tulsa Dental Specialties, Kellogg Company, General Shale, Mountain States Health Alliance, Johnson City Power Board, and others

Allstate Insurance Company
August 11, 1986 – January 9, 2002
Summary/Focus: steady progression from Accounting Field Supervisor to Division Manager to Senior Manager of Directed Development.

Key Achievements during this Progression:

23 assignments in 15 years leading local and enterprise-wide projects and process migrations:

  • Created from a blank page the Directed Development Team overseeing the personal development of the leadership team in an organization of 1,000 and supporting the leadership of another 6,000.
  • Coordinated a major culture effort using the tools of Human Synergistics® International; OCI® – bringing turnover in Information Technology into targeted range.
  • Consulted internally with teams/groups for strategy and culture improvement and direction.
  • Facilitated various dialogues as a neutral facilitator for other organizations within Allstate.
  • Served as a personal executive coach for VPs, Directors, Sr. Managers, etc.
  • Led change on enterprise-wide issues with employee development and leadership curriculum.
  • Served as an internal consultant for process migrations and financial system reinvention.
  • Established the education and development of the Accounting Shared Services department with two Education Integrators as direct reports.
  • Led restructure for Financial Information Processing to achieve target portion of $60M savings – including 144 staff reductions and process migrations in 3 sites across the country−all while maintaining , and even improving, process quality.
  • Synchronized the migration of enterprise processes to COE for sustainable cost effectiveness while healing and maintaining key relationships.
  • Assumed role of one of three leaders of the Field Accounting Capacity Team that made process improvements for the Data Centers: movements, improvements and migrations across the country.
  • Led a Division of four managers and 2 technical staff in the Data Center Customer Care Division with ultimate responsibility for over 80 associates; while laying a foundation for further business growth.

Allstate Position summary:
Northbrook, IL
Dec 1997 to Jan 2002 Senior Manager Directed Development (2 promotions in this location)
Hudson, OH
Feb 1991 to Dec 1997 Division Manager, Customer Care (2 promotions in this location)
Skokie, IL
Nov 1990 to Feb 1991Temporary assignment to migrate IL office to Hudson, OH
Jackson, MS
Aug 1986 to Nov 1990 Unit Manager, Corporate Accounting (2 promotions in this location)

Education/ Certifications
Mississippi State University, Starkville, MS, Accounting, B.S. Degree
Certified Facilitator for Interaction Associates’ Facilitative Leadership®
Certified Feedback Coach-360 Assessment Suite, Center for Creative Leadership, Greensboro, NC
Certified Consultant in Corporate Transformation Tools measuring values in relation to culture
Certified QES – Quality Education System instructor (Phillip Crosby)

Authored programs:
The Art of Employee Development (a ‘How To’ for leaders)
Team Brand-WOW!
Basic Accounting Principles for Bookkeepers
Expense Processing Basics
Basic Investment Education (for profit-sharing participation)

Professional/Volunteer Affiliations
Johnson City/Washington Co. Chamber of Commerce: Youth Leadership 2015 Task Force- (Co-Chair for 10 years)
East Tennessee Coaches Association (President 2006)
Holston Presbytery: Committee on Preparation for Ministry
Southern Appalachian Ronald McDonald House Charities (Board of Directors 2005-2007) (Strategy Chair)
Dawn of Hope Foundation (Board of Trustees) (Board Development Chair)

Authored Books and Booklets (available on
Wading the Stream of Awareness
The Rhythm of Trueness
In the Middle with Trueness
The World Needs You