Story Building for Work – Podcast Series

Story Building for Work
(Self-study delivered via Podcasts)

It is a privilege to bring this course to you!

In this 21st Century, your world of work, there is not only the constant of change, you are consistently faced with projects, initiatives, situations, where you must gain buy-in and engage others in a common objective.    

Too often, in an effort to create buy-in for a particular strategy and/or direction, we hit the logical and objective part of the work and miss the expressive and subjective component that leads people to collaborate.

The Story Building for Work course is a learning experience designed to help leaders leverage the power of story and storytelling as they create buy-in while directing individual interest toward the energy required for success.

Overall Objective for the Learner
To understand that Story is a powerful method for creating engagement, personal connection, and buy-in. Learn the basics as related to work and leadership. Discover your own, unique Story Methodology.

There are 10 Podcasts – an Intro and
3 Podcasts for each of the 3 Modules of Clarity, Engagement, & Connection.


Introduction to Story Building for Work

Module 1: Clarity – Section 1

Module 1: Clarity – Section 2

Module 1: Clarity – Section 3

Module 2: Engagement – Section 1

Module 2: Engagement – Section 2

Module 2: Engagement – Section 3

Module 3: Connection – Section 1

Module 3: Connection – Section 2

Module 3: Connection – Section 3

Here, in print, are the Assignments you heard by Module & Section:

Assignments for Your Learning and Application/Practice

Beginning Assignment:
To prepare for Module 1, identify and write down a specific, current project where you need to gain buy-in with appropriate constituents and stakeholders.

Module 1: Clarity
Section 1.1
Take a moment and list the three biggest challenges you anticipate facing in order to build trust for effective collaboration and implementation in your project.

Section 1.2
Answer this question in writing: “What 3 things do you desire and intend for those you will lead, influence, and serve through your project?” (Don’t overthink it; write your answers down as they come to you, trusting your intuition.)

Section 1.3
As you review and reference the 3 things you desire and intend for your project, answer these questions in writing:

  1. What is it that appears to be so important to you?
  2. What is it that you know you can do?
  3. Do you have ideas about how you might begin to do it?

Module 2: Engagement
Section 2.1
At the end of Module 1, you answered 3 questions. Go back to your answers:

  1. What is it that appears to be so important to you?
  2. What is it that you know you can do?
  3. Do you have ideas about how you might begin to do it?

Remember, you answered these questions as you reviewed the 3 things you desire and intend for those led, influenced, and served by your project.

Think on these answers in preparation for the next piece, Explore, where we will talk about leading with Story. And be prepared with your answer to this important question: What do your answers to these 3 questions tell you about your leadership?

Section 2.2
As you prepare for the Design piece of this Module, revisit your answers to where you were asked to list the three biggest challenges you anticipate facing in your project.

Now, in writing, brainstorm how your Desire & Intent could be leveraged in the building of a larger Story for your project.

Look for the connection between the 3 things you desire and intend and your answers to the questions:

  1. What is it that appears to be so important to you?
  2. What is it that you know you can do?
  3. How might you begin to do what you know you can do?

Section 2.3
Review your notes so far as well as the list of challenges you made earlier in the course.

What story from your past experience comes to mind in relation to what your project hopes to achieve as well as the challenges you anticipate having to overcome to do so successfully?

What about your project brought this particular story to your consciousness?

How can you relate the story to your project in a way that moves your constituents and stakeholders to greater buy-in and deeper personal connection?

Using your insights from this assignment, determine the type of Story you are best equipped to Lead your colleagues in telling as they collaborate on this project.

Module 3: Connection
No new assignments will be given in this Module.

This Module, and its 3 sections, will be your time to contemplate your own Story Methodology in the telling of your story for buy-in.

You will also be encouraged in the leading of others to work in, and tell, the collective, unfolding story of the project: bringing all together in the flow of Clarity to Engagement to Connection!

Follow this link for a Glossary of Terms  used in this learning experience.