The Work of Trueness – Theory to Practice Continued

In this podcast, I want you to get to know Ric a bit better. Ric talks about the ‘P’ that most resonates with him at this time in his life. It is Purpose where Ric starts … and holds and maintains the tension with his own Passion, Purpose, and Presence.

Next, we will continue to go deeper into the move from Theory to Practice to support you in Change and Transition.

About Jeff Brunson

After a career in the corporate world, I began my practice encouraging the confidence in our leaders. The 21st Century belongs to the aware, focused, and loving leader; leaders acting on the power of their own authenticity while leading others to their own confident contribution.
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3 Responses to The Work of Trueness – Theory to Practice Continued

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  2. Anna says:

    The idea I related to the most in this podcast was the transition portion. I feel that I am currently at a passage from one state to another right now in my work. Transition will help me avoid burnout. It’s quite interesting that journey also means a passage from one stage to another. As Ric said, “Go from the knowledge that you have to the application of it.” “The work of applying the concepts to life is very personal”. Thank you for this!

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